Space Birthday Shout Outs

You made some wonderful cards and videos!

Hi everyone.

As you know, on Thursday 7 April it was Tim's birthday and we invited you to make and send him birthday messages in space - and you made some WONDERFUL things!

Agent Trof made a super cool animated message, as did Agent JStan08 whose mum posted it on Facebook here. I know this sort of stop motion takes a lot of time to do so GREAT WORK!

Mr Noble and his Cadets at Towngate Primary made digital cards] as part of their Code Club!

And home educator Snuffyisabear made special birthday cakes] with her Agents Minidrwhofan and Dinosaurflower!!!!

While Moonrock made a special video message thanking Tim for his research into bone conditions] which means a lot to her.

And I'm delighted to welcome some new Cadets from Orlando in Florida USA who made this brilliant video]. All of us at UNSA are very happy to have Cadets in Orlando as this is the home of two of NASA's most famous launch centres - the Kennedy Space Centre and Cape Canaveral. In fact, our Director of Human Spaceflight Jon Spooner visited there to see a rocket launch - you can see some photos and video of that here. There's also a good joke in there about "How do you make a birthday party in space?" that made me laugh :)

There were so many great contributions and I know Tim was very touched to know that all of us at UNSA were thinking of him on his special day.

Good work Cadets and Agents!
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