UNSA in space!

Tim sent us a super cool photo!!!

Check this out! Tim sent us a special photo from space saying hello to all the UNSA Cadets and Agents. That's a pretty awesome view, right?!

To say hello back and because Tim is our patron, we thought we could do something special for Tim in return and we've released a new badge for everyone who takes part - the SPACE BIRTHDAY badge.

On Thursday 7th April it is Tim’s birthday and we want to make sure it’s a very special one for him, even though he can't be with his family or friends on Earth to celebrate. So we’re asking all our Cadets and Agents to make him a birthday card and then send it to him in space!

To find out more and to start your badge, just CLICK HERE and start getting creative!

I can't wait to see all your cards!

With Space Wishes, JON SPOONER
Director of Human Spaceflight

p.s. has anyone heard from Mini Jon yet?
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