Funny/Painful day!

This is about what happened in school and I fell. Read more to find out more.

Today, (if you're reading this another day, not today...) I fell. IN SCHOOL!
I was coming down the stairs and I was almost tripping, I tried to stop myself, but oh what a horror it became! Rolling side to side, back and forth.. And.. BUMP! I fell on the ground. Standing up, lots of people were shocked. One teacher, which is Steph, brought me to the office. One leg was brused. The other, bleeding. There was an ice pack on my brused leg and a plaster on my bleeding one. I had to walk with a straight leg! Funny/painful day, I thought.
Well, it is time we are almost finished, the description of the funny/painful day.
I took of my plaster at home. You're probably wondering now 'Is she ok? Can she walk properly? How is she now?'
I am alright they are healing I can walk properly but it still hurts.
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