We're back!

New Missions are on their way!

We're back!

Thanks to some help from our friends at the UK Space Agency, we've been able to make some new badges that we'll be releasing soon :) Activities will include 3D printing, a special badge to celebrate Tim's birthday while he's in space and an opportunity to train with Tim as he prepares to run the London Marathon. In space!

We'll be hosting another Graduation Ceremony in July so if you haven't completed all 6 badges to become an Agent yet, you've got plenty of time to do that. Remember that all Agents receive a special Agent of UNSA badge and a special certificate signed by Tim.

And of course we'll be making some more Space Shed videos :)))

I'm afraid, I've still not heard from Mini Jon and I'm a bit worried that he got his sums a bit wrong on his launch and is just floating in space. If I've not heard from him in another week, maybe I'll have to get some of you to build me a rocket to go and try to find him.

We'll be keeping you up to speed with all the best bits of Tim's mission. The photo above is one of my favourite so far because it looks like they've made a MASSIVE MESS of the Space Station. Tim included this message with the photo:
"Don’t worry @NASA, @astrotim and I have got this @SpaceStation under control… now where did this cable go?"


Hope you're all excited about doing Space Missions! Tell all your friends to sign up and become Cadets.

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