Pierre de Coubertin's Olympic Values

We were invited to London 2012's De Coubertin Lecture at BAFTA headquarters. Jonathon Edwards, Kriss Akabusi and many very important people involved with the cultural Olympiad

Pierre de Coubertin's Olympic Values
Lord Puttnum was invited to address the important people involved with the Olympic movement. Lord David Puttnum produced the well known and well loved Olympic classic Chariots of Fire.

Lord Puttnum spoke about how to benefit young people across the world by their involvment with London 2012 Games.

Here is a video overview of the lecture and the important people that were involved in this historical event.

S2R was there to get in on the action, interview the special guests and delve into the values of the Olympics as seen by expert film producer Lord Puttnum. We were at the events with awesome access creating programmes and reports for BBC Radio 2, local news papers and news channels.

Olympic Values = Friendship, Respect and Excellence.
Paralympic Values = Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality.

How do you think the Olympic and Paralympic values will be experienced during the London 2012 Games?
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Lauren says...
Great Video - can't wait for the Olympics!
02 December 09
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