A Bullying Story

A high school bullying story

There was a normal girl called Hayley and she was really shy. Today was her first day of high school and she was excited. As she walked into the school playground she was alone with no one to talk to. 3 girls approached Hayley. "Hi" They said. "Um... Hi" Hayley said. "What are your names?" Hayley asked. "I'm Gina" said the blonde-haired girl. "I'm Gretchen" The brunette-haired girl said. "And I'm Gemma" said the brown-haired girl. "And together we are... The 3 G's" they all said in unison. "By the way that bag is so cute" Gina said smiling. Hayley smiled back. Eventually the school bell rung. "That bag is actually so ugly, Quality Street chocolate wrappers are just stuck onto a plain bag randomly." Gina said. Gretchen and Gemma agreed with Gina.

There first lesson was maths. Mr. Harvey was talking about maths, but the 3 G's where gossiping about people with glasses. Hayley was a girl with glasses and she heard every word they said which was putting Hayley off. "So, who wants to answer this question... Gemma!" Mr. Harvey pointed out. Gemma sat there twiddling her thumbs, Gina and Gretchen was doing the same. "Gretchen, Gina, What about you?" Mr Harvey asked them. "Um... What was the question?" They all said in unison. "2 hour detention after school!" Mr. Harvey shouted. Minutes went buy and they were gossiping about teachers, calling them mean things. Maths was finished and it was break.

"Can I play with you guys?" Hayley asked. "No way, besides..." Gina interrupted Gemma and said "Your to ugly to play with us, Look at your messed up hair!" Gina said rudely. Hayley burst into tears and ran away. A few minutes later, the school bell rang. The next lesson was Drama, before Hayley went off she saw another girl crying. "Hi, what's the matter?" Hayley asked softly. "Its Gina, She said I'm fat" the girl continued sobbing. "Well Beatrice, just ignore them." Hayley said. "How do you know my name?" She asked. "It says on your locker, now cheer up and think of happy stuff" Hayley said.

They headed off to drama. The school principal Mr.Duvall was going to be watching the lesson. "Hi, I'm Mrs Cherry and today in drama class we are going to learn about emotions in shows and movies. So who wants to demonstrate an acting of it?" Mrs Cherry said. She chose Hayley and Gretchen. Hayley was scared. Gretchen started off by saying "Your so small, are you a wimp or what" Hayley started fake sobbing, although she really felt like doing it. "Thank you for volunteering you 2. Now they all had to go find a partner to be with to make an act. "Can I go with you?" Gina asked strangely. Hayley nodded drastically. Gina wanted to make it a happy scene. They tried acting it out but Gina called Hayley mean things because she was not talking much. The bell rang and it was lunch.

There was another girl sobbing so Hayley sat next to her. "Go away, I want to be alone" she said. "Geez, why is everyone sad?" Hayley asked herself. Hayley sat with The 3 G's but then they moved to another table. Gemma left sticking her tongue out. Hayley felt sad so she sat with Beatrice who was alone. They were talking happily all lunchtime, The 3 G's were just giving them weird looks.

"You guys aren't worth being in this school" Gina said "You two are worth not living" Gretchen said. "And Beatrice, those freckles are ugly like your ginger hair" Gemma said. Hayley and Beatrice started to sob, but instead Hayley packed her stuff and ran home... Hayley couldn't stand being at school.

Hayley just went into her room crying. She went on instagram and she noticed Gina, Gretchen and Gemma were commenting rude things like:
'Your Ugly', 'You hair is totally eww' 'Look out yourself in the mirror and say your ugly.
There was also more rude comments on her Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Emails... Everything. Hayley cried in her pillow for the rest of the day, she was utterly depressed, nothing cheered her up.


  • You might have bullied someone without you recognising. Watch out for peoples facial expressions and think what you might have done wrong.

Why bullying is pointless
It is pointless because you could make things worse for yourself and you would end up getting yourself into trouble

Why people bully
People bully because they might be jealous, they might have been bullied, they are lonely, they have problems at home.
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