What next?

Just starting the Astro Science Challenge? Just finished? Here's what to do next...

Our patron Tim Peake is now safely in space and working on the International Space Station! We had an amazing launch party where our first batch of Agents graduated, received their certificates and watched Tim ride in his rocket to space. You can see some photos and video from the day here.

If you're just starting and are interested in becoming a Cadet and doing cool badges about space and science then you can sign up as a Cadet here. Then you can start doing all the other badge Missions. And remember, if you complete all six Missions you can level up and get your gold Agent of UNSA Badge :)

You can do as many or as few Missions as you like, but if you want to do all of them in order then this is what we recommend:
• Mission 0 - Sign Up as an UNSA Cadet
• Mission 1 - Spaceship Earth (Royal Observatory Greenwich)
• Mission 2 - Space Weather (Met Office)
• Mission 3 - Fit For Space (European Space Agency)
• Mission 4 - Astro Coding (Young Rewired State)
• Mission 5 - Living In Space (British Science Association)
• Mission 6 - Build & Launch A Rocket (Science Museum)

We're also pleased to announce that there will be a second live graduation ceremony in July 2016 (shortly after Tim has returned from space) to celebrate the work of Cadets who have completed all six Missions.

For the Cadets who have finished the project, don't worry! We're going to be releasing lots more Missions, badges and films from The Space Shed during Tim's mission.

The best way to hear about new Missions is to make friends with our Crew:
• Jon Spooner, Director of Human Spaceflight
• Alice Kuiper, Head of Cadet Training
• Mini Jon, UNSA's first astronaut

If you've got any questions then just get in touch with me by email or through the comments here and we'll get back to you!

All the best, Christie
Missions & Communications Officer
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