The end of the world!

Frank is a little boy and his family explore the end of the world

Frank was just walking along the path and as he puts his hand in his pocket he feels something strange he pulled his hand out he realised that there was money then he sees an amazing bar of chocolate but his dad gave him the money. When he bought it he didnt know where he were. His parents were worried so they all walked out and started to look for him then they saw a figure in the distance it was Frank then his mum saw a crack in the road it got bigger bigger and BIGGER. Soon the world was split into two pieces. Then more holes came his dad saw him but there was a gap in between them Frank was terrified then he pulled the chocolate bar out his pocket and saved it till the last minute of the world. Then was serious in space it looked liked lots of different planets they were all panicing they were running side to side Frank's dad was the bravest he jumped over to Frank's side. The rest of his family tried as well but the dog was to scared he tried jumping but it didn't end well he went into space without any oxegen then they all thought it would end bad anyway but then Frank's brother was hiding four space helmets and four oxegen tanks they all quickly put them on and jumped down the great big hole and they could see all the planets the biggest was Jupiter it was bigger then ten Effell Towers! They all tried to get to it it took them 9 hours to get there they ended up living there forever it took them ages to get food but they survived.
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