My New Hand

On Saturday 14th November, I went to Norwich to collect my new robotic hand

On Saturday 14th November, I went to Norwich to collect my new hand.

I was only born with one hand. It's really hard to do things like tennis, ride a bike or holding onto objects with both hands, but I don't let it get to me and I just carry on. I like having a little hand because I'm different to everyone else.

My mum got a email from Reach (a charity for children with limb deficiencies) with a link to a website that tells you about the robotic hands that a project called Enable make. They use 3D printing to make the hands to the size of the person. On 3rd October, there was a workshop at Norwich Castle and they were looking for children with one hand that have a moving wrist to make a free robotic hand for them. We went to the workshop which was run by Norwich Hackspace and they measured me up for a hand. They also explained how the Enable project began and how the hands work. I chose the colours for my hand and they showed me how the 3D printers work.

We went back to Norwich Castle on 14th November to pick up my hand. They had to check the size, check how the hand worked and added the padding and velcro to the hand so my little hand could fit inside. When I put it on for the first time I felt amazingly happy. My hand has a pink body and blue fingers with loom bands on the fingers to help with the grip. They also 3D printed my name on a bit of plastic to match my hand.

The hand is going to help me a lot. It will help me with sport, cooking, picking things up and other activities I couldn't do. I'm very happy to have my hand because it has changed my life.

I want to thank the Hackspace team who made the hand for me, especially Lou who fitted the hand for me.
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