Help Me Understand

A new booklet to help you talk about a parent or carer's alcohol or drug treatment

Children and young people have told us that when a parent or carer receives support and starts treatment for their alcohol or drug use, it can be really positive, but it can also be a confusing and worrying time.

If this is your situation, we wanted to be able to help you talk to a worker about how you’re feeling and what questions you may have.

So we’ve written a new booklet called 'Help Me Understand' to help you talk about it with your worker. It explains different sorts of treatment in a clear and straightforward way and looks at how you might be thinking and feeling.

There’s lots of exercises for you to have a look at and loads of useful websites and resources. Children and young people in your situation have also shared their experiences and stories with us and we’ve included them in the booklet too.
There’s also a separate section for your worker to find out more information.

We hope the booklet will help you to talk about the situation at home and help you think about any difficulties, questions and worries you may have and how you might deal with them.

'Help Me Understand' is free to download from our Stars National Initiative website and it is part of our children and young people's pages. Your worker can also order copies of the booklet from us.

Our website is there to provide information and resources for workers who support children, young people and families living with a parent or carer's substance misuse.
We also have dedicated pages for children and young people which include worksheets, quotes and films from others in the same situation, as well as useful websites and links.
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