Bond Girl Rachel Grant report

My Interview with Rachel Grant 2009, by Chris Tate

Rachel Grant interview part one
An excellent thing has happened in my life: I got to interview movie star Rachel Grant.

Neil Brown from Hull's Youth Development Service, Kingston Youth Centre and Switched on Media asked if I wanted to interview the Bond Girl.

Rachel played the character Peaceful Fountains of Desire in Die Another Day.

She also starred along side Jean Claude Van Damme in Until Death.

I was very excited that I finally got to interview her.

The questions I asked her was did she always want to be an actress she told me that she did ever since she was little.

She talked about some of the other movie stars she’s met.

What’s Rachel’s favourite martial arts weapon? She said it was nun chucks... and her nails!

If I cooked a meal for her she told me that she likes curry but I could cook anything for her.

At first I felt nervous and then afterwards I was happy.

The best part of the interview was … all of it!

I interviewed Rachel on the telephone but she said maybe we will meet someday!

This is MrFilms reporting for Switched on Media 2009
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