Athletics at FB

William Howarth reporting for 5L

On the Wednesday 1st July, I went to F.B Fields with my family to watch Mr. Silva compete in the 400 metre relay race and Mr. Romeril participate in the steeple chase in the Island
Games. There were lots of people there supporting their islands and I bumped into quite a few friends from VCP who had come down to support their teachers. This made the atmosphere very exciting.

First we watched Mr.Silva run in the 400m relay. He was first to run and he got the race off to a brilliant start. As he came round the corner he was in third place. I felt so proud of my island and my teacher. All the crowd were shouting and cheering. As they crossed the finishing line Jersey won first place.

Then we watched Mr. Romeril in the steeplechase. This was a very exciting race as Mr. Romeril was in the top three positions throughout the 7 laps. The second time he came round the track at the water hurdle he stumbled slightly but recovered well to go on and win the race and get the Gold medal for Jersey.
It makes it a much more exciting race when you know someone competing in a race. Well done Mr. Romeril. Everyone is very impressed!

By William Howarth 5L
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