Jersey Tri Club Wall of Noise!

At the finish line.

On Sunday 28 June 2015 it was the job of the Jersey Junior Tri Club to make a wall of noise for all the competitors going to the start on the beach and after the swim up to transition.
We met in our kit at 3.45 to get ready and Charlie Hart and I held our "GO JERSEY" banner which we made at home from a pillowcase and bamboo.
It was great to see our coaches, Della and Phillippa, as well as our heros like Dan, Demri and Tom Perchard all doing so well.
We were right by the finish line when they came in and the noise was incredible. At the end they had a big photo with us. I wonder if any of us will get to compete in a future island games in Jersey? If we do I hope our bikes are as cool as theirs!

Freddie Lucas 5L
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