Who caused the Bite of 87

Who was it, Chica, Foxy Bonnie Freddie Golden freddy (fredbear) Spring trap

There is a horror game (creepy pasta) called Five Nights At Freddy's. There is this thing that happened at Freddy fazbear's pizzeria. It was called the bite of 87. One of the animatronics bit of a costumers frontal lobe (face.)

Foxy: It is romoured to be Foxy because when he runs into your room his jaw drops. People said it is broken because he bit of somebody's frontal lobe.

Chica: It is also romoured to be Chica because when she does her jump-scare she shakes her head and screams. And when she in the corridor she twitches her head like she is going to bite you.

Bonnie: Another animatronic is Bonnie. People think Bonnie is associated (committed) the bite of 87 because of the same reason people think Chica did it because there head twitches in the corridor and for his jump-scare.

Freddy: It could be Freddy because For his jump-scare he leans in and his mouth opens and closes

Golden freddy (fredbear) It maybe golden freddy because for his jump-scare his face jumps in your face and its game over.

Spring trap: Last but not least spring trap. For his jump scare he leans in and game over. Maybe he bites your head off. Hmmmmmmmm

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