Young Carers in Schools: A new programme to help schools support young carers

The first 15 schools have gained our new national Award

The Children's Society have been working with the Carers Trust to create a new scheme to help schools support pupils who care for someone at home. The Young Carers in Schools programme allows schools across England to access resources and support which will make it easier for them to recognise and support young carers.

Schools that achieve our 5 standards (which were chosen by YCiF Champions) can apply for our Young Carers in Schools Awards to recognise their work. The first 15 schools to complete the programme have achieved the Award through our pilot scheme, and hundreds more are expected to do so this summer.

This video, made by YCiF Champions, explains why schools need to support young carers.

If you think your school should get involved, visit to find out more.

To see more videos and blogs about young carers experiences of schools, visit the YCIF Network homepage.
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