Safe Geolocation 101

New Safe Lesson

Hello everyone!

We have a brand new Safe Lesson for you to use with your pupils. Off the back of the amazing success we had with our Safe-Bots during Safer Internet Week 2015 we have created a lesson based around Location Services and Geolocation when using a mobile device - giving you the ability to Share your new Safe-Bot on our map!

All of the teaching resources and information can be found within the badge itself for you to use. However, if you're lucky enough to be visiting Leeds over the course of the Easter Break we have some fantastic partner organisations who are running the activity for us! See dates below:

  • Playful Leeds 4th April - Charlie Cake, Armley Park 1pm-4pm
  • Scrap Leeds 17th April - Farsley 1pm-4pm
  • Leeds Library 15th April - Leeds City Centre All Day
  • The Tetley 13th April - 1.30pm-4pm
  • Eureka! 19th April - Halifax - All Day

If you complete and upload one of our Safe-Bots, you can head to both Trinity and White Rose O2 stores to claim an exciting reward!!

More dates to be confirmed.
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