Safe Badges Explained

All of the new Safe Level One badges are live within the Badge Library on MW. There is a slightly different process to earning them than with the previous badges, however the guide below should help to iron out any issues.

The main Level One badge ( which pupils will now need to work towards does not require any evidence submission, as each lesson is now represented with its own individual badge. You award this badge once all other badges have been earned by pupils. These are as follows (and are documented in the new Safe planning) Even if your pupils have earned the existing Level One badges, can you please direct them to these, as the teaching materials have new additional mobile content in them that if important to share.
Lesson 1.1 - Personal Profile - This is now an automatically awarded badge (replaced the existing starter badge) so pupils will not need to work towards this other than by setting up their MW profiles.
Lesson 1.2 - Blogging - Again this badges is now automatically awarded. You pupils will need to write and submit a Story to the Safe O2 channel on; to do this your site will need to be part of the Safe Network - to do so please visit
Lesson 1.3 - Connecting & Commenting ( - In theory your pupils could submit the same evidence as they have done for Lesson 1.2 if this was a collaboration - if not then an additional blog/story will need to be written with a peer.
Lesson 1.4 - My family Online ( - For this badge evidence they can use the new 'add text' option and past in a link to their family members account/profile. This could be a guest account as a parent, or perhaps they have set up an account with a sibling.
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