My Trip To The Science Discovery Day

University of St Andrews Science Fun Day

Yesterday Saturday the 7th March me and my dad visited the University of St Andrews for their Science Discovery day There were lots of exhibits to look at, the first exhibit we went to was an exhibit about brains. They had sheep brains you could hold. It was quite small, it had been dried out so it wasn't as soft as it is usually. They had a human brain in a glass container which I found really cool.

Then we went to an exhibit about emotions. They had pictures of peoples moods and how moods are universal. I sat a test where I had to pick emotions that would match the question.

We also went to a bubble exhibit that the people at the exhibit put around you, which I thought was awesome.

We then moved on to a hovering magnet exhibit. He explained what happens when you super cool a magnet. Super cooling a magnet makes it hover, when it hovers it has no friction so it moves freely. This technique is used on the super fast hover trians in Japan. The magnet the man put on top of the metal was -200 degrees, which is super cold.

There was show called What's In Space? It was really interesting! A student in his 5th year of his degree talked to us about our solar system, galaxy and universe.

After the show I went to make a comet. It was made up of dry ice, glitter (to represent metal), sand ( to represent dirt/dust in space) and finally water that froze and held the rest of the things together.

Then I made an electric rainbow. First I had to soilder all the parts on the circuit board. It was tricky but fun! Then I had to connect the circuit board to the batteries. When I switched it on it looked really cool. It flashes, pulses or slowly changes through the colour spetrum.

I had a really fun time yesterday!

Science Rocks \m/

Thanks for reading ape30
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