World Book Day 2015

How Catmose celebrated the 2015 World Book Day - with costumes, catwalks and comedy galore

World Book Day is usually something celebrated by Primary schools, with everyone dressing up as their favourite book character - princesses, superheroes, and everything inbetween. Secondary school is usually more about GCSEs, work, and getting involved, than dressing up for a day. However, World Book Day is the one exception at Catmose...

Those who wanted to, which was quite a bit of Catmose, could come to school dressed as a recognisable book character. At first, I thought not many would be dressed up - after all, most people would say they're 'too old' for World Book Day. However, more people than expected did dress up - and there was a wide variety of book characters.

The immediate excitement (and laughter) of seeing each other in costumes soon sank in. Just looking across the library, you could see everything from a Tin Man, to Willy Wonka, to (many) Dorothys, to Winnie the Pooh scanning and booking out books for people at the desk. The first four lessons before lunch consisted of glances at each other, and questions as to who we'd come as - and, of course, the comments about how good each others' costumes were.

During lunch, however, World Book Day was everyone's focus - whether they were dressed up or not. At 1pm, there was a 'fashion show' at the bottom of the Hellerup; a catwalk was set up, along with a sound system, and hosts. I was one of these people doing the show. Backstage, we were put in a line, in our year groups, with Year 7 going first. All we could hear backstage was the crowd cheering - a bit of a daunting sound to hear before walking out in front of everyone! Soon enough though, it was my turn - I walked out with my friend - and we joined the line of Year 10s beside the catwalk. For each year, the 1st and 2nd place costume was given a prize.

However, it wasn't just the students who took part - the teachers did too, and, I'm sure that everyone will agree, their costumes were brilliant. Alice in Wonderland, the Giant Peach, the Stig, and the majority of the Science Team as Wizard of Oz characters were just a selection of the costumes they wore. The best costume went to Mr Legrand in the library - wearing a full Winnie the Pooh costume. And, of course, the best team went to the Science Team: The Wicked Witch, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion collected the award to cheers.

The best costume of the entire school was also chosen, as all were, by Head Boy and Head Girl. A Mad Hatter's costume won, and all of a sudden, the cheers ended, as older years were whisked off to tutorial and assembly.

I love World Book Day, and, from the selection of photos I've included, I'm sure you will agree that it's clear everyone else does too. It's a great day to have fun, and celebrate literature how it should be celebrated - together.

The rest of the World Book Day photos can be seen here. Thank you to Mrs Curtis for the fantastic photos.
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