Kids Reaction To Hygiene

Diffferent way to show how germs are spread

Importance of Hand Hygiene
"Hand Hygiene is important because if you were to put unclean hand into your mouth, the germs that were on your hands, would be transferred into your mouth. They would then multiply and you would, most likely, become ill. This is usually how colds and flus are passed on. Nobody wants to be ill, right? You would do everything to prevent illnesses, wouldn't you? This includes eating a healthy meal and washing your hands before eating, after using the toilet, and much more!"

How To Keep Illnesses Away
"Today I am going to tell you how to keep healthy by being hygienic. There are basic rules, which I am now going to tell you;
1. Wash your hands with soap;
After using public travel
After going to the toilet
And before every meal
2. Take showers
3. Wear clean clothes everyday
4. Brush your teeth
5. Clip your nails
There are lots more ways, but these are just some basic outlines."

How I Created the Video
I used iMovie to create the video and had help from my siblings to create it. The voices are all done by myself and my two sisters. I filmed and edited the movie, whilst my sisters helped me with the script and did the voices. They crips is based on my sisters reactions when I told them about hygiene.

How Vaccinations Can Help
Unfortunately, I was unable to film is part, but my sisters reactions consisted of slight confusion at first, but then as I explained it in simpler terms, they were able to understand how having certain injections of another illness, can prevent other illnesses from taking place in your body.

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed my movie.
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