Izzy and the snow man

Before Izzy went to bed she took the last look at her beautiful snow man.

While Izzy slept that same snow man came to LIFE!!!! Silently he tippy toed into her room and picked her up. When Izzy woke she was in snow land,snow men fiddled on fiddles and snow girls over 18 gulped down wine all night long."where on earth am I", said Izzy to the snow man."Why you are in snow land my dear"said the snow man in a voice so jolly.He offered to take her to the big Christmas tree. And Izzy said "yes yes yes yes yes ". So they set off. On there way they bumped into Santa." Ho ho ho ho ho "I'm sorry" Santa said.And to show he was sorry he took the snow man,Izzy and 10 of his elves to the big Christmas tree. After an hour Santa said "I think we should take you home". With that the snow man put Izzy in Santa's sleigh. Before they set off Santa gave Izzy a beautiful glass snow globe, and then he set off for worksop.when he got to Izzy's house he tucked her up in bed . When izzy woke she said it must have been a dream, but it could not have been for there stood the proud tall snow globe Santa had gave her the night before.
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