Get involved in BadgeLAB Leeds

Events, workshops and online activities

Through BadgeLAB Leeds we'll be creating digital badges which can be earned by completing arts activities across Leeds. The artists we're working with will be delivering these at public events, in schools and within their own venues.

We're also launching badges which can be earned by completing an activity at home and sharing it with us online - and you don't have to be in Leeds to earn them!

So why not get involved and start earning badges...

Come to an event!

- March of the Robots Party Weekend, 25th - 26th October, Leeds City Centre

- Mozilla Festival, 24th - 26th October, Ravensbourne College, Greenwich, London

More events will be added soon...

Get involved online

- Earn the March of the Robots Make a Robot badge by making a robot, of any shape, size and material, and uploading a photo to the MOTR site.

- Earn the March of the Robots Minecraft Robot badge by building a robot in Minecraft and uploading a screenshot to the MOTR site.

- Earn The 2000 Year Old Potter: Thumb Pots badge by making a thumb pot and sending a photo to Boffin Projects.

- Earn the Den Building 101 Badge by building a den at home and sending a photo to The Den Experiment.

Once you've completed these activities you'll be emailed a claim code, which you can enter on your page to claim the badge!

Remember, you need to have a Makewaves account to claim your badges, so if you're not already a member, sign up for an account here.
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