We start a story, you carry it on! Badges will be given to the best additions...

Maybe you're familiar with the idea of Consequences, or maybe you call it something else! Either way, this is what we're going to do...

We're going to start a story and we want you to carry it on in the comments!

The idea is that you will carry on from the person above you. So if they have left us on a gripping cliff hanger, it'll be up to you to continue from that. We want the story to carry on forever! Don't just follow on from what I've written, follow on from what the last person wrote in the comments!

Be as creative and descriptive as you can! Badges will be given out to the best additions. And remember, anything you post on Makewaves must be suitable for school. Keep it friendly!

Also, don't try to end this story or write The End - we want this to go on forever!

So here we go...

One day, The Mole was walking home from work. It was a bright, sunny day but the air had the slightest chill of autumn. As he passed through the forest near his home, his feet crunched through brown leaves that had started to fall from the trees. Just before he got to his house, he felt like something wasn't quite right. Then he turned the corner and...

...To Be you!
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