Work Experience in Germany

Six successful applicants complete a work experience placement with a difference

Students from the High Arcal School in Sedgley return to the Black Country today after successfully finishing their one-week work experience placements in the northwestern German city of Oldenburg. In a unique international project, the High Arcal School worked with its partner school, The Academy of English, to organize work placements and the home-stay families for its students.

Getting a placement on the German work experience programme was no easy task. Students had to submit their application documents to the Academy of English for scrutiny with only the best six applicants getting placements. Mrs. Ina Gean, Learning Centre Manager at the Academy of English in Germany said: "the quality of the applications was so impressive that it made our decision-making very difficult indeed".

The selected students were placed in a range of schools around Oldenburg as English language assistants. Not only did the High Arcal interns have to assist teachers in lessons, but they also prepared and gave English classes to German students. One of the High Arcal students and intern at the Graf-Anton-Gunter School, Mia Rogers, praised the German work placement programme, saying that "it was an excellent opportunity to see English being taught and to teach English at a German grammar school."

Lead Coordinator of the German work experience programme, Miss Tracy Goodyear, said that " the students did extraordinarily well, coming to a different country and teaching the English language to non-native speakers. "� She also praised the dedication of the host-stay families who pulled out all the stops to make the students feel welcome and give them a taster of home-stay life.

Celebrating the ties between the two institutions, the High Arcal students also hosted a public event at the Academy of English during their stay. Well attended and generating considerable local media interest, the students delivered presentations to rapturous applause from the German audience. The High Arcal visitors reported on topics ranging from Anglo-German cultural differences and similarities, the school system in England as well as the sport of rugby.

Seeing the importance of giving its students international experience, the High Arcal School and Academy of English are already planning next year's work experience placements. Students will get the opportunity to work in companies in and around Oldenburg in the summer of 2015.

Check out The High Arcal School's appearance on German television:

The High Arcal School on German television

Skip to 7:00 on Monday 21st July

Read more about The Academy of English by checking out their Facebook site:

Academy of English, Oldenburg
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