Timestable Champion - David

Our 3x table Competition!

A huge well done to David from Blue Class, the winner of our first timestable wristband! David competed against other member of blue class to recite his 3x table both forwards in backwards in a time of 30.70 seconds! A huge well done to everyone who took part - and good luck in our next competition! Below are the times set by each of the children who took part:

Tamera - 2.12.46 seconds
Bobby - 3.11.36 seconds
John 42.53 seconds
Mariem 42.21 seconds (3rd Place) - Badge Awarded
Cameron - 53.60 seconds
Tyriese - 1.00.73 seconds
Abdella - 43.62 seconds
Tahmid - 31.56 seconds (2nd Place) - Badge Awarded
Eren - 44.60 seconds
David - 30.70 seconds (1st Place) - Badge Awarded + Gold Award
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