What are similes?

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A simile is a comparison of two things using the words like or as.

Here are 10 different similes. Have a go at writing your own.

1. My Grandad is as tough as nails. - I am comparing my Grandad to nails because they are both tough.

2. Janine is as light as a feather. - I am comparing Janine to a feather because she and the feather are both light.

3. Jonathan ran like a cheetah. - I am comparing Jonathan to a cheetah because they are both fast.

4. James was as pale as a ghost. - I am comparing James to a ghost because they are both pale.

5. I am high like a kite. - I am comparing myself to a kite because we are both very high.

6. Jane and I are like two peas in a pod. - I am comparing Jane and I to two peas in a pod because we are both very close to each other.

7. We are as busy as bees. - I am comparing myself to bees as we are both very busy.

8. Jackie was as blind as a bat without her glasses. - I am comparing Jackie to a bat as they both cannot see very well.

9.The cat was as black as coal. - I am comparing the cat to coal because they are both very dark.

10. William was as brave as a lion. - I am comparing William to the lion because they were both very brave.

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