Our Law: To help support the end of child labour

Year 6 would like to see a law introduced regarding the labelling of manufactured goods

As part of a topic on the Victorians, Year 6 at Combe St Nicholas School, in Somerset, conducted some research on child labour then and now. They felt so strongly about it that they wanted to make it the theme of a law which would require manufactured goods to state whether children had been used in their production.

Harry and Bob designed storyboards and directed the filming with support from Rebecca, Alicia and Izzy. The other Year 6 children performed in the film.

David Laws, Coombe St Nicholas’ local MP, said:
I am delighted that pupils from Combe St Nicholas have done so well in this year’s Lights, Camera, Parliament competition. Their video tackled a very important subject and focused on a great idea to help end child labour. I am sure that everyone at the school is really proud of their achievement.
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