Ardens Digital Leaders Video

Recently I have been working on a video to showcase who we are and what we do!

I was asked by Miss to create a video about Digital Leaders for the TeacherMeet (#TMSolihull) on Wednesday 5th of February. The video explains who we are, what we do and projects we are working on. So I planned a video and on Friday the 31st of January we spent most of the day filming it around school. Over the weekend I compiled the footage together and edited it all. Here is the finished product. Hope you all enjoy it!
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@gr8ict says...
This is a brilliant introduction to what DLs do - well done, and I will feature it on the main Makewaves Network page. It is very exciting to see how Arden DLs are developing... and how well you are communicating what you are doing.
06 February 14
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Dave says...
Awesome. Great to see all of what you do and how you do it. Lots of ideas for setting up our own dls.
07 February 14
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