Internet Safety Scratch Project with levels

This is an example of what you will create to evidence your knowledge of programming concepts.

In the documents section of this page is the finished example of the scratch project and the PowerPoint document that I used to create the video. You will be asked to create something similar this in your lessons.

Items to check which should all be on the same story within your project.

1 Screen shot of the game, save it as a PNG file and upload it to Makewaves as a photo.

2 Upload the game as a document.

3 Carry out an evaluation of the game using the key words (below) and give yourself a level.

4 In PowerPoint describe what your code does and upload this to Makewaves as photos or a video (as shown above)

5 Using the comment box evaluate the work of other people in the same year. Paste these comments into the text box of your story.

Key words for evaluation.

1 Educate
2 Entertain
3 Engage
4 Appropriate to age
5 Fun
6 Easy to use
7 colourful
8 Intuitive

Level 3

I am able to plan a sequence of instructions for something I want to happen.
I can produce a linear sequence of instructions to make things happen.
I can identify algorithms and its purpose.

Level 4

I am able to use selection and repetition correctly in my progress.
I can give instructions involving selections and repetitions.
I can analyse and represent symbolically a sequence of events.

Level 5
I can use variables, lists and simple procedures correctly in my progress.
I can explore the effects of changing the variables in a model or programme.
I can develop, try out and refine sequence of instructions and show efficiency in framing these instructions.
I am able to make use of procedures without parameters in my progress.
I am able to manipulate strings and select appropriate data types.

Level 6
I can use procedures, functions with parameters in my progress.
I can explain and write more complex algorithms e.g. searching and sorting algorithms.
I can program interfaces to make predictions and vary the rules within the programs.
I am capable of independently writing or debugging a short program.

Level 7
I am able to write programs in a text based language and I can debug statements.
I am able to create my own data structure.
I can pre-construct modules of code to build a system.
I can select and use programming tools suited to my work in a variety of contexts, translating specifications expressed in a ordinary language into a for required by the system.

Level 8
I am able to create my own relational databases and am able to use them in my progress.
I am able to find, understand and use techniques for specific tasks.
I can independently write the program for others to use and apply advanced debugging procedures.
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