Looking After Yourself

7 ways to take care of yourself and keep the blues at bay.


1. Eat well and keep fit

Regular, healthy meals and moderate exercise can make a significant difference to your moods. You’ll feel more energetic and able to look after yourself. There’s also the added benefit of looking fit and toned, which is a confidence booster.

2. Do something you love

Write a list of all the things in life that you enjoy, no matter how small they might seem at first. Now plan to do at least one small thing every day, and have bigger things to look forward to as well. A hobby or interest that totally absorbs your interest is great, even if it’s just for an hour a week, but don’t take it to extremes and let it take over the whole of your life.

3. Make lots of friends

Even shy people can have an active social life. Get out and meet some new people, and remember – they don’t have to be identical to you to be good friends. Avoid people who drag you down all the time and never give anything in return for your support. Seek out the company of others who make you laugh, or feel inspired.

4.Big yourself up

If you’re in the habit of putting yourself down a lot, try making a list of all your good qualities. Get a friend to help you. You’ll be surprised at how long that list turns out to be. Remind yourself of the list from time to time.

5. Stay out of the downward spiral

Be honest about your feelings, but don’t go on and on about feeling bad all the time to anyone who’ll listen, it will make you feel worse. Avoid sitting around and doing nothing for days on end, especially if you’re feeling a bit down, keep busy or do something deliberate to relax yourself.

6. Keep your brain active

Take an interest in what’s going on in the world, or at least one area of it. Be enthusiastic about life and never stop learning.

7. Don’t worry, be silly

Learn how to ignore the unimportant things that may niggle you, and break large unpleasant tasks down into smaller, manageable chunks. Keep a sense of humour at all times, and try to see the funny side of most situations.

Can you think of any more ideas to look after yourself?
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