Using Pre-Production techniques to plan videos.

This video shows how storyboarding was used to plan the camera shots for an advert.


Storyboards are used to plan the camera shots and movements in a video product. Your task is to plan an advert for a product of your choice using a storyboard. The only limitation to your choice of product is that it has to be something you have in your possession today. You will need the storyboard template on this page. Your teacher will give you a printed version. This needs to be hand drawn.

A proposal is usually the first piece of information a producer or commissioner will read. It therefore needs to be to the point with good punctuation and grammar. Using the example document to help you write a proposal for your advert.

Remember to use the techniques you studied last week to advertise the product - Persuasive, Rhetorical, Hyperbole, Slogan, Imperative language.
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