Makewaves Story and Blog Rules

Some guidelines on using Makewaves

Hello Everyone.

We are doing very well as a school on Makewaves.
We only started using it quite recently, but we are using it consistently to share work and achievements. Well done all!

Here are a few rules for you to remember

1. Blog or Story? Remember that a story is something that your teacher has asked you to do, either in class or as a homework. A blog is your own personal diary writing and can cover anything that interests you, such as the subjects that you enjoy in school, your hobbies or any interesting stories from home.
2. Remember to stay safe. We have talked a lot about this in school. Remember that Makewaves have special staff members who are there to look after you and ensure that you are safe. This means that if they spot anyone saying unkind or inappropriate things then they can take action to make sure that other users are safe. Remember that teachers will see all your comments, so think carefully before you type!
3. If you want to praise someone else's work then please do - write comments to say how good their work is - they will definitely appreciate it.
4. When you write stories or blogs, make sure that you use proper punctuation. Full stops and capital letters are a must! Read your sentences to make sure they make perfect sense. Use the spell check facility to check your story before you send it to your teacher for approval.
5. Images - Choose an image to accompany your story or blog and upload it, but make sure that it is relevant to the story or blog.
6. What Channel should I use? - This is for stories only, but make sure you choose the correct channel. Put the story in your Class channel and any other channels that are relevant.

Keep up the good work everyone - we have a Makewaves site to be proud of and it can only get better and better!

Mr Rathe
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