A Spaceman Came Travelling 2013

by Wirral Primary Schools (Prenton, St John's Jnr & Millfields) & hi-impact

Watch the music video here!
Tranmere Rovers play our song!
Listen to the song here!
Hear Crash Radio UK talking about our song!
St John's Juniors Radio Interview!
This Christmas hi-impact have worked with Wirral primary schools to record a fab version of Chris de Burgh's classic song "A Spaceman Came Travelling".

UPDATE: thanks to Tranmere Rovers Football Club for playing our song at half time on Friday night during the match against Gillingham FC. It is fantastic that they support their local schools and the song sounded AMAZING played through the PA system to over 6000 fans!!

On this page you can listen to the mp3 track or watch the music video featuring the children. Our very own "spaceman", Nao the robot makes an appearance in the video too!

Many thanks to the brave and talented soloists who worked so hard to learn their parts and master a very difficult song for children to sing - they are all stars - and also we could not have done it without the efforts of the music teachers, in particular Mrs. MacPherson at Millfields, Eastham, Mrs. Seager at Prenton Primary and Mrs. Francis at St John's RC Junior School, Bebington, who put in many hours of practice to prepare their singers (nice to see that some teachers snuck in on the video as well!)

We have received some lovely comments from some of the solo artists, and it is very rewarding to hear the pride and confidence the project has given them:

Demi-Lee (verse 1) "I really enjoyed the project and my mum was very proud! I thought the video was fantastic, I loved all of it!"

Tamzin (verse 2): "When Mrs Francis asked me if I would sing a solo I was very nervous. I’ve never really sung a solo in choir but I happily accepted. When the time came to sing I was extremely nervous. I began to sing and it was much better than I expected! When Miss told me the song was going on the internet and radio, my heart jumped. I felt happy and scared, then I listened to it and it was much better than I expected."

Rebecca (verse 3) "It was so good to see how it brought the schools together, the children have lovely voices. It sounded so good."

Amy (verse 4): "Singing a solo was a big shock for me since I’m not the person to stand up and sing in front of people. I really enjoyed doing this solo. I felt proud after recording. When I listened to my voice on recording it was great but it was odd to know that people liked my singing. I have been told by two of my friends that I had a great singing voice but I never believed them. I don’t know why, I just didn't. When I heard about the video going together with other schools it was just great. I told some of my family and friends. They said,” This is the newest star alive!” They all believed in me but I never believed in myself, but I now believe in myself."

We would also like to thank Chris de Burgh himself for offering personal advice on recording his song. We listened to his ideas and made our own backing track in a more suitable key using the Garageband app on an iPad, and added in the vocals from each school and some guitars parts to complete the track. We used iMovie to create the video using footage we took during the recording and rehearsals. Chris tweeted this message having watched the video: "Well done, that has turned out beautifully!! I am sure many people enjoyed your version!! Congratulations to all involved, and have a lovely Christmas..."

Chris de Burgh's website is http://cdeb.com/ and he can be followed on twitter @CdeBOfficial or on facebook http://www.facebook.com/cdebofficial

Thanks to Crash Radio Wirral for supporting local schools. They have visited St John's Juniors this week and their interview with some of the stars of the song can be heard above, so please follow them on twitter @CrashRadioUK and take a listen to them online here

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 have played our song on air to nearly 10 million listeners! That's a BIG audience!!

If you would like a bespoke project involving music, video, ICT or anything else creative and technical, please give us a shout! www.hi-impact.co.uk 0151 345 1613
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Alyce Simpson says...
BRAVO!! Job well done! Chris would be proud. May these children bring world peace. Through music it can be done. Bravo again, 2 those lovely children & may God bless every one of them. xoxo
17 December 13
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Christine says...
that was absolutely amazing!!!!! sent shivers up my back and tears to my eyes <3 you have all done such a wonderful job, I hope you make more music as you are ALL very talented!!!!!! <3 <3
18 December 13
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tamzin says...
IM tamzin thanks Simon and all teachers who were able to create this vid! Peace and goodwil to all men ð???ð???ð???ð???ð???â??â??â??â??â??â??â??â??â??
18 December 13
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tamzin says...
Thank you Simon and all the teachers that helped make this video real
18 December 13
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Mike says...
It's the season. Thank you ang we'll done.
20 December 13
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tamzin says...
Saw it on Chris de burgh's page on fave book IM ON THE FRONT COVER
20 December 13
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