Earn your Digital Badge for Safer Internet Day 2014

Young People, Parents and Teachers can earn their Safer Internet Day 2014 badge

Whether you are a young person, parent or teacher, you can earn your digital open badge by helping to “create a better internet” on Safer Internet Day 2014.

“Let's create a better internet together” is this year's theme, which is being run by The UK Safer Internet Centre on 11th February 2014.

There are many ways that you can earn your SID2014 digital open badges, which are being awarded by the Safe programme. You can create and share stories, blogs, videos and pictures about making the internet safer, via the safe social learning platform Makewaves.

Where can I find the badge?

Get Ready
Sign up to the Safe Network on Makewaves and access free resources, activities and digital badges.

Schools/Teachers Create your free school site on Makewaves

Parents Create a guest account for you and your child on Safe Network:

More information about earning the SID2014 badge will be coming soon
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