The Young Carers in Focus Advocate Badge

Accrediting the brilliant work our YCiF Champions are doing

A key part of being a Young Carers in Focus Champion is to influence change and represent the views of young carers at a national level.

So far, the YCiF project has seen many of our Champions represent the views of young carers and meeting people in power who can make a difference. This badge accredits the skills and experience gained by YCiF Champions who attend meetings with decision makers and express their views, potentially influencing change locally and nationally. To earn the badge, Champions must attend the meeting or event, and write a blog on Makewaves to describe the experience.

Skills accredited can include:

- Confidence
- Public speaking
- Professionalism
- Teamwork
- Communication

As a Champion you may be invited to get involved with these opportunities, giving you the chance to earn your Advocate badge!
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