Mohammad's Story

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Mohammad fled Syria about a year ago with his mum, dad, two younger brothers and two sisters. He recalls lots of gunfire and being scared before they left. However asked about his journey to Lebanon, he says it was normal.

The family managed to rent an apartment and thanks to UNICEF's work with the government Mohammad attends school.

SAWA, UNICEF's partner, runs remedial classes to help children with the difference between Syrian and Lebanese curriculum and psychosocial support. The children learn to turn the bad images from the conflict into good. Mohammad was seen drawing tanks. He misses his grandparents, friends and neighbours and their possessions: the computer and his brothers' teddies. He says that since they have come to the centre his brothers are smiling again. They play and sing together.

Mohammad would like to return to Syria and see his friends again and when he grows up he would like to be a doctor. Lebanon is hosting the largest number of Syrian refugees of any affected neighbouring country. More than one million people are estimated to have fled Syria for Lebanon – equivalent to nearly a quarter of the usual resident Lebanese population.

The situation is made more difficult by the fact that the refugee population is widely scattered across Lebanon which makes delivery of services very challenging. Syrian refugees live in rented accommodation, informal tented gatherings, in Palestinian camps, are hosted in private dwellings. This dispersed population makes identification on vulnerable children difficult. Lack of access to basic services increases vulnerability and susceptibility to exploitation.

Imagine you were forced to leave your home and could only take one thing with you, what one thing would that me?

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