Safe FAQs

Everything you need to know about Safe

What is Safe?
Safe is a programme of practical activities that develop young people’s skills, self-confidence and safety awareness when using social networking sites.

Is Safe free?
Safe Activities are free to download, all you have to do is sign up at

What age group is Safe suitable for?
Safe resources have been designed for ages 7-16. However, they can be adapted to use with anyone, of any age who is new to social networking!

What platform should I use for the Safe Activities?
Safe is designed to be completed on Makewaves, the safe social network for schools - join at However, you are welcome to use other platforms. The Platform Checklist will help you decide whether the platform you want to use is suitable.

How long does it take to complete Safe?
We recommend that the minimum time to deliver both levels of Safe is two days, if you were completely off timetable, or running Safe as part of a holiday / transition project with older children. However, we recommend that you embed Safe into your mid-term planning, and it will work well for computing activities for a half term.

Can Parents be involved?
Extension/Homework Tasks have been designed to allow parental engagement at home. Activities include a Safe Quiz, Presentation, and Researching using the internet. As well as the Extension/Homework Tasks, we also suggest hosting a Safe Family morning - inviting parents in to help their children set up their online profile, or perhaps write a blog.

Does it have to be completed online?
Although we strongly suggest completing most of the Safe activities online, we have also provided Pupil/Student Worksheets which can be used to complete the activity if you don’t have computer access, or for preparation before going online.

What do young people get for completing Safe?
Your students will receive certificates for completing Safe, and if you are using Makewaves you can also award digital badges. Digital Badges can be displayed on your students’ online profile. Find out more about Safe badges here

How do you access Safe Certificates for pupils?
On completion of Safe Level One you can apply for certificates here.It’s really important that schools do this as it helps us track the impact of the project and enables us to keep the schools who have completed Safe up to date.

Is Safe Training available?
If you feel Teacher or Pupil training would benefit your school visit You’ll find a list of trainers around the country who deliver Safe - you can contact them directly for prices and more information.

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