Everything you need to know about Supporter to Reporter

What is the S2R Network?
The S2R Network is a community for schools and young people wanting to get involved in sports reporting. Become sports reporters by publishing reports and sharing them with others online. You can access free resources, top tips and earn S2R Medals.

What are S2R Medals?
S2R Medals are a new digital way to recognise and demonstrate the skills you will learn through the S2R programme. The S2R Medals can be displayed on your Makewaves online reporter page.

How do I earn S2R Medals?
You can earn S2R Medals by following the criteria of each of the S2R Medals. For example, to earn the S2R Bronze Journalist Medal, students must create 3 sports reports and submit to the S2R Medals channel. Some Medals are automatic and some need to be awarded by a teacher.

What makes a good sports reports?
We believe a good sports reports includes more than one type of media e.g. Text/Audio/Images/Video. It should have a catchy title that would encourage the audience to click on the report. Include interesting facts and quotes and make sure you check and credit your sources. Check out more Top Tips!

How do I get my sports report featured on the S2R Network?
Our favourite sports reports will be featured on the S2R Network.
Here are a few top tips to help you make your sports report stand out and featured on the S2R Network.

What are Open Badges?
You might have seen some users with an “Open Badges” section on their pages. Mozilla Open Badges are awards for young people aged 13 and over that can be earned on various websites. You can also display them on any website that uses them. As Makewaves is now an Open Badges website, you will be able to display all the Open Badges you earn across the web. You can find out more about Open Badges on Makewaves here.

What are Makewaves Badges?
Badges are rewards you get for completing different missions, taking part in competitions or for helping others - similar to the ones you win in video games but for doing something great! These badges sit on Makewaves and cannot be transferred to other sites like the Open Badges.

Teacher FAQs

How do I award S2R Medals?
Teachers can award the following S2R Medals and Makewaves achievements:
  • Live Event Badge
  • Interview Badge
  • S2R Silver Journalist
  • S2R Silver Producer
  • S2R Bronze Coach
  • S2R Silver Coach
  • S2R Gold Coach
  • S2R Gold Journalist
  • S2R Gold Producer
Either visit the student’s Makewaves page or the report they have created. Click on ‘Award Badge’ and find the badge you would like to award. The badge will then appear of their online Makewaves page.

Is it free?
Schools can access the first 4 S2R Medals for Free. To access the complete S2R programme, including the Gold Awards and Mentoring strand. Buy Now or Join for Free!

Where do I find the S2R Resources?
The S2R Resources will help you take your students through the S2R programmes and earn their S2R Medals along the way. They include activity guides, reporter worksheets and support documents. Download the resources here.
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