Have you got what it takes to be a Digital Champion?

Young Champions - Find out how you can earn the Digital Champion Badge...

We've launched a new digital badge for Digital Champions!

To earn your Digital Champion Badge, you need to be really active on the YCiF Network.

This means:
- Writing stories and blogs regularly (these can be about being a young carer or about hobbies and interests!)
- Commenting on other stories and blogs to give support to other people on the network
- Taking part in activities by checking the activities channel regularly or creating your own!

In October, some Champions will be chosen to come to MozFest with us to tell people all about the badges you have been earning! There are a limited number of places at MozFest, so to be chosen you must start earning badges on the network which represent skills, such as the Media Skills Badge and the Digital Champion Badge. The Digital Champion Badge shows that you are active online and have certain skills like writing good stories and blogs or making media for the network.

You can find out more about MozFest here
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