Award Safe Badges on the Safe Network

Complete Safe in School and award badges to pupils

Safe is a programme of practical activities that develop young people's skills, self-confidence and safety awareness when using social networking sites.

Designed to work on safe social networks, the free materials and teacher resources will enable a school to easily deliver fun activities, which develop their students’ digital literacy skills.

By completing the programme students will gain a Safe Certificate as evidence of their learning.

You can also award your students with their own Safe digital badges which they can display on their online profile. Find out more about Makewaves Badges.

Safe Profile
You have worked through Lesson 1.1 with your teacher and set up your own profile within, including an avatar, description about yourself and a safe username to share with your school community. By completing Lesson 1.1 your teacher can award this badge, as your evidence will be your Personal Profile Page.

Safe Password
You know how important it is to keep you personal information safe and secure, and in doing so have created a Safe Password for your Social Networking Profile. Your teacher will award this badge when you complete the first Safe Lesson - Personal Profile 1.1

Safe Blogging
Throughout your Blogging Lesson 1.2 - you have explored what a blog is, and begun to develop your ideas for writing your own blog. For your evidence submit your first blog on - remember to include an appropriate image to reflect what you have written about. Perhaps you could write about, how, what you have learnt contributes to a Safe Blog.

Safe Collaborator
A great way to create digital content on the Social Web is with your peers. In the previous lesson you created your very first blog on This mission again asks you to create a blog, but in collaboration with someone in your class. Find something you both share a passion for, and share it with the community. What will you write about?

Safe Social Family
To complete this task you will work with a family member and create a safe, secure social networking account for them on To do this they will need to join your school as a Guest and create their Safe Profile, Password and Avatar image. Remember to follow the same rules as you would if this was your own account.

Open Badges For anyone over 13, they can also display their badges on other Social Networks and CV sites using Mozilla Open Badge technology. Find out about Open Badges on Makewaves.
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