Earn the Safe 7-11 Level 2 Badge

Safe - Certificate in Safe Social Networking

Completed Safe Level 2 activities - Research & Copyright, Making & Sharing Media, Reviewing & Reporting Media.
  • Research a topic online using safe searching skills
  • Interpret research material in own words
  • Understand copyright
  • Understand there are different types of media which suit different topics/themes
  • Understand how to make media appealing for an audience
  • Make appropriate media
  • Understand what is suitable to share online
  • Know safe places to share work online and offline
  • Understand how to create a positive ‘digital footprint’
  • Know how to write constructive feedback
  • Know who to tell and where to report hurtful or harmful material on the internet

  • Research from the internet included in blog
  • Made and shared media available online
  • Reviewed content online by posting a comment

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Safe 11-16 Channel
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