Safe Lesson 4: Research & Copyright

Safe researching and learn about copyright (video tutorial for 11-16)

Lesson 4 - Research
Safe is a programme of practical activities that develop young people's skills, self-confidence and safety awareness when using social networking sites.

Designed to work on safe social networks, the free materials and teacher resources will enable a school to easily deliver fun activities, which develop their students’ digital literacy skills.

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This activity aims to help young people understand what copyright is and how it affects them. They will also learn how to research for facts online, making sure they check their sources.

This video tutorial accompanies the Safe resources 11-16. It can be used as a guide for teachers, or you can play in front of the class to encourage your students to discuss and ask questions about setting up their personal profile.

Please Note: This video should be played out in the context of the Teacher Guides and Student Worksheets

What your students will learn in this Safe Lesson:
  • Safely research a topic online
  • Interpret research material in their own words
  • Know what copyright is

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