Rights and Responsibilities story

UNICEF Rights And Responsibilities story

Here is a story on how to earn a rights and responsibilities badge.

1.Make a story about Rights And Responsibilities and add a picture or/and a video and text
to your story.

2.Submit your story to your publisher.

3.Don't worry if you haven't got your badge yet it will just be because your publisher hasn't
approved your story or they haven't awarded your badge yet.

Everyone has rights but they also have responsibilities!

We have the right to...

Good Resources
Treated Fairly
Own Opinion
And lots more!

But we have the Responsibility too...

Look after what you are given (toys,Resources,Computers,PS3's,X-Box's and more)
Treat others fairly
Say sensible opinions
Respect others
Look after your shelter
Eat the right amount of food
Drink the right a mount of water
And lots more!

Well that's all there is to it and Thank You For Reading!!!
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