Pengiun07M's Music Theory Story

This will drive you dotty - dotted notes!!!

Music theory

Section 1- note value

Let's go over the basics first (speaking in crotchet beats):
CROTCHET= 1 beat MINIM= 2 beats SINGLE QUAVER= 1/2 a beat SEMIBREVE=4 beats

Now for some more tricky stuff:

Let's explore dotted crotchets - watch a YouTube video on this subject here.

When a dot is added to the end of a note, the dot is worth half the value of the note. The crotchet is worth 1; therefore the dot is worth 1/2. Add them together to get the value of the whole note- 1+ 1/2 = 1 and a 1/2.

One can put dots on the end of any note, for example, a dotted semibreve is worth 6: the semibreve is 4 so the dot is worth 2; add them together and you get 6.


Your challenge, if you wish to accept it, is to answer the following questions.

It is your choice how you present them; you can either upload the answers into a story or blog. But then it's up to you; you can be as creative as you like.

How about doing an audio and verbally explaining how you worked each one out? Or just an attached document with the answers? If you get stuck on any of them, you can always drop me a comment asking for advice.

I supply the questions below. Remember- If you accept the challenge and do it; let mrbrom or I know so then we can check the answers. If you get all the correct answers you will receive an exclusive JaM badge- Good Luck :)

Question 1: Give the amount of crotchet beats in the following bar:
1 dotted crotchet; 1 single quaver; 2 crotchets.

Question 2: Give the suitable time signature for the bar above.

Question 3: Give the amount of crotchet beats in a dotted semi-breve.

Question 4: Give the amount of crotchet beats in two dotted minims.

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