Winners to The Cup Song Competition!

Come and find out here! This is on behalf of Mrbrom as he gave me permission to do this! :)

Hello everyone!
After many amazing Cup Song entries, MrBrom has decided to announce the winners for it and he told me to do the Winners Story! :) Thank you everyone for you brilliant entries, they all were REALLY good! And now, it's time to announce the winners...

And in 3rd place, it's...
CutieAngel! Your entry was really good and the actions for the Cup Song were great! Well done! But two things you could improve for next time is to sing a little bit more louder and to improve a bit keeping the rhythm in time with the song, but overall it was fantastic! :) Here is the link to CutieAngel's Entry:

And in 2nd place, it's...
Charleyboo! I really enjoyed watching your entry and the rhythm was in time with the song! It was loud enough to hear as well! Excellent work! Maybe for next time you could try singing the song too? But well done, yours was very good! :) Here's the link to Charleyboo's Entry:

And in the one we've all been waiting for, in 1st place it's...
x-Katie-x! Your remix of I Need Your Love was just mind-blowing! The song and rhythm were in great timing and I loved you a cappella version of it! It was loud enough to hear and your singing was very loud too so we could hear everything you were singing too! Amazing! Here's the link to x-Katie-x's Entry:

Well done everybody! :) Everyone who entered the competition deserves a massive round of applause for all of their hard effort and time, because the Cup Song isn't easy but you guys are definitely Cuptastic! :) x

By GHS on behalf of MrBrom :)
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