Earn your Media Skills Badge

Show off the skills you gained at the Specialist Weekend!

  1. Media Skills Badge
Those of you who attended the specialist media weekend can earn a badge to accredit your new skills. We've updated the tasks that you need to do to earn your badge

You can earn your Media Skills Badge in 2 steps:

1. Conduct an interview and upload it as a story to the network. Ideally, this should be a video and you can work alone or in pairs to do this. Why not interview your project worker, a fellow young carer or someone in your community?

2. Write a blog about the media skills you have learnt. Give examples of how you have used them - this could include activities at the media skills weekend, the Young Carers Festival or conducting your interview. You should also explain how you plan to use your skills in the future.

Once you have completed both of these tasks, we will award you your media skills badge which you will be able to show to colleges, universities and employers to prove your skills!
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