Quiz a Young Champion!

Your chance to ask our Champions anything about themselves and YCiF to earn badges!

This is your chance to get to know our YCiF Champions by quizzing them on Makewaves! Anyone who completes this activity will be awarded a Well Done Badge and anyone outside of the YCiF network will earn a YCiF Community Badge. Find out more about Makewaves Badges here.

Step 1. Pick a Champion to quiz, look at their videos and blogs and think of some questions to ask them.


Check out lots of content in the Champions Channel and think of general questions that you could ask any Champion (this way you could get more than one Champion answering your questions!)

Step 2. Create Your Quiz - You need to think of at least 5 questions

At least 3 of these questions need to be about YCiF - so you could ask them about their role as a Champion, about Young Carers in Focus or about the recent Young Carers Festival.

The other questions can be about anything you like! You could ask about their interests and hobbies, or what they will be doing over summer.

Step 3. If you chose to quiz one Champion, post a link to your quiz on their page. If you made an open quiz for any Champion, post the link as a comment below. Earn your community badge by submitting your story to the YCiF Community Channel.

So get quizzing our Young Champions and earning badges!

If you are a Young Champion make sure you check for quizzes and try to answer as many as possible, to help people learn all about you and your role in YCiF!

Want to find a Champion to quiz? Check out the list below and choose your favourite!

Julia; Chloe, R; Joanne; Tye; Demi; Star; Daniel; Zoe; Samantha; Virginia; Luke; Rinah; Joshua; Elliot; Melissa; Chloe, W; Aimee Ruth; Matthew; Lydia; Michael; Sabina; D'Vontae; Alishea; Thomas-James; Ely; Christoph; Kelly; Kerrie; Siobhan; Becca; Lily; Jayne; Andrew; Vicky; Ross; Cait; Dionne; Gemma; Becky and Yasser

New to YCiF? Young Champions help to raise awareness on young carers issues. You can find out more about Young Carers in Focus and Young Champions here
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