The Young Carers in Focus Community Badge

Find out how you can earn the badge!

Young Carers in Focus is an online community for young carers and the hub for the project. You can find out more about young carers and the project here.

We want the Makewaves community to engage with the network, which is why we have launched the Young Carers in Focus community badge.

To earn the badge you must leave some comments on content from the network, then create a story which is relevant to the project, and include links to the stories you have commented on. Your story might be about...

- Your response to the videos/stories/blogs you have seen - whether they surprise you, if you've learnt anything new, and how they make you feel
- A story about young carers in your school or area - you might be a young carer, or know about a project run at your school or in your area which provides support
- A story exploring the kind of support your school offers to young carers, you could interview a teacher and find out!

We will also be launching regular activities which you can complete to earn the badge, so keep checking the YCiF network to see how you can get involved!
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