I stand with Malala

Is it fair?

Whenever you write something you know every letter, every lyric, you know how to form a sentence and how to punctuate your work to the best of your abilities. When you do a sum you know how to multiply, how to times, how to minus and how to plus. When you read you can hear the words in your head and understand the complex strings of letters that make words, sentences, paragraphs, pages and books.

How would it feel if you couldn't do any of that anymore? If every ability you learnt in maths, English, science etc. was swept away from you? And then what if you saw other people on the TV in books who were able to do all these things? It wouldn't be fair right?

Well imagine how it feels for girls like Malala not allowed to go to school and learn these things at all and then, when you stand for what you believe in and fight for the right to education to be nearly killed by the Taliban.

Is that fair?

That's the question I will leave you with.

Everyone deserves the right to an education.

Do you stand with Malala?
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