Big Bang Science Fair 2013

Me and Some of my Fellow Students Travel to the Big Bang Science Fair 2013

On the June 2013 myself and some of my fellow students ventured to Coventry to attend the Big Bang Science Fair 2013 following our participation in the CREST Award. This award consists of us designing, planning, making and evaluating a new scientific product or development that could be used in day-to-day life. My group decided to create a vaporised version of Paracetamol to be contained in a spray-in-the-mouth bottle in order to make consumption more effective, whereas the other groups from Catmose chose to produce their own anti-bacterial soap and the others developed their own hovercraft.

After months of grafting away at our products we made the trip to Coventry at 8am to present our work and look into the work produced by other students from the West Midlands; these included: looking at the differences between right and left handed people, producing electricity from fruits and making eco-friendly classrooms. Once our stalls were set up we remained there for around two hours as other schools, members of the general public and judges asked us questioned and went through our portfolios with a fine comb. It was quite nerve-racking to say the least!
However, once to judging was over we were allowed to go around in groups and look at the different companies showing off their services (such as Severn Trent Water) and pick up some all-important freebies.

Although we failed to win any awards we had been provided with new possible developments to our products and new confidence in the future of our CREST Awards as our examination date is looming ever closer.
We would like to thank Dr Fox-Clipsham, Miss Welsh and Mr Jones for organising and supervising this fantastic experience for us - we all greatly appreciate it!
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